The story of country by Isabel Blanco

The story of Country Music
Author for CMNI, Isabel Blanco
Introduction to the amazing sory of country music, part 1
Most people are totally dedicated to country music. It’s a part of their life like breathing, as well as the artists who write and sing this music style. But do we also know where the roots of this music are? Its older then pop and rock yet it fusioned with both styles and made it even more popular then it ever was. Popular artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood gave the music a whole new crowd. In fact I dare to say to even folks who where never into country like country songs nowadays. Maybe it is about time that one of the most popular music sites starts to write about where it all began, almost 100 years ago.
100 years is a long time to last for a music style. Where most styles are popular f0r a decade or so like the 80ties pop or 60ties rock country stayed alive generation after generation. I am not saying that we forgot the influence of the Beatles, Bowie and the Stones, certainly not but be honest who are the new stars of the 60ties? There aren’t any, the music evolves and evolves and brings new styles like hiphop, dance, techno but country stayed. Sometimes raw like rock, mellow like pop and dance, but mostly plain as it was written over the century.
Country is emotion, it’s dedicated to life and maybe just maybe that is the reason why we still can listen to this music. Everywhere we want, on internet, in podcasts, spotify, I-tunes, cd, old fashion vinyl it is everywhere. In the all charts we find the songs not just in the specialized charts for country where we can find all the latest hits. 
Don’t you agree that it is pretty amazing that 1 music style stayed in tune for almost a century? That it is not the ghost from the past sung and danced to by our parents and grandparents?
So where dit it all begin? That is what I wanted to know and that is how this series of articles began to take you back and forth in this original beautifull music story. A story that could have written by you. 

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