Dear M, welcome to Holland

Dear M
You are about to travel
To one off the smallest countries
In the world called Holland
You allready discovered
How stubborn we are
I will show you this knot
This tiny knot on planet Earth
Where small is really small
Where flowers bloom
Where cheese is made
You will see the ocean
And our long Dutch coast
Where bills and laws are made
And mills flore
Where a pda is possible
They call us liberal
Even tollerant
It draws many tourism
Mainly the Western parts
But I will show you the East
Where we are laid back
In no hurry
Allways 15 minutes late
Without a sorry
It is custom to be normal
It is also our start
In a new endeavour
A new life
Of you and me together
In peace, pda and harmony
But most off all love, loads of it

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