Dear M, mi casa es su casa part 2

Because my dear Mildred loved the first one I wrote a sequel for her.
Dear M. Mi casa es su casa part 2
When things are ment to be
They will happen
Where it stands with me
I am sure of it
Within a week its you and me
Mi casa es su casa
It’s everthing where I want to be
Your home will be my home
A new start for you and me
A life together
A life that will set us free
Free from loveless to love
As we are in love so deep
So profound, so uncomplicated
Two lovers with entwined souls
That belong together
Yes falling in love is easy
Staying in love not a drag
Not with you my love
It is a wonderfull road ahead
A week from now
Its you and me
Mi casa es su casa
Our love will set us free

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