Dear M. God loves no matter what

Dear M.
God has his plan
For each and every one off us
We may not allways believe it
Or get his intentions
Jet God is there
I can see you right now
Thinking ‘what do you mean’
Or even
‘What do you want from me’
God, what is your plan
Then remember this my love
It is not God who said
‘You cannot love the same gender’
It was actually
Men, human who said it
Their only fear is not me, my love
But you, and only you
Your happiness
Your plans
Will I fail to take care off you
So it’s just their love for you
That scares them
Embrace it and use it
To tell them that your wish
Your desires is what you need
Use that same love
To confince them
That it is ok
That its not God
Cause he said
Love rules, my love

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