Blake Shelton "If I'm Honest

Blake Shelton – “If I’m honest” review

Isabel Blanco for CMNI
Blake might be a giant country star in the US, known as The Voice coach who keeps winning but I never heard of him. In Europe we have no real clue about how good these artists are. If I’m honest is called his break up album. For me it’s the start of listening to great country music. I wonder why they don’t hit our charts here. 
Don’t get me wrong. I wrote a lot of reviews but intent to discover always something new. This album is more then good! 
Not knowing the tabloid news makes it better for me to open up to this music that Blake sings. I can image the big stages the he plays, see the crowd enjoying what he does. Feeling his music, singing along. It speaks for itself why he is big in Country. The album combines country and country pop in an easy way. Music that you want to listen to. 
I can either write down what I think of his songs by reviewing one after the other but I won’t. Every song is potential chart song in my opinion. 
“She has a way with words” is mentioned the most in other reviews because of the lyrics, I just like the sound of it. Break up album or not it doesn’t matter this is a musician who understands his job. As far as you can call it a job, playing music is a passion. Either you have it or not. He has it. Including those incredible eyes. 
If a rate has to come with this album it’s a 5 star for sure. Which is a pretty good rate for a European music and art writer. Music from the heart and soul and the best part of it is that you don’t even have to like country to grow fond of this album…. Let it dazzle and surprise you as it dit me.

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