About Us

About Us

“Mil-Isa” is your partner in writing and editing your business profiles, storytelling, blogs or presentations and have all the solutions for your Public Relations. You’ve found the place for the pitch / text you need.

Next to that we also provide an exclusive lifecoach experience from working for more than 28 years with spiritual abilities and Reiki. Our experience gives you the answers you need. Don’t hestitate to contact us.

Via whatsapp 0031611030759
Or email isabelmildred2018@gmail.com you can reach me anytime.
Any kind of personal session will be able as well. Just contact me in Holland and soon California San Francisco area.

For my work as a healer and reader, donations are truly welcome as it’s a goal to help everybody. It will make it possible to help many for free through https://www.paypal.me/IBLANCO375 or use the donations button.




Writing and editing – US$ 0.10 per word
Public Relations – Any job starting at US $40 up to US $70 per hour
Reiki – US $25 per 7 distance healing sessions
Lifecoach sessions/reading – US $45 per 40 minutes
All fees are negiotable.

Namaste! And see you soon.